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The odds of employing a physician with a criminal record are higher than you think


Studies show that 3.5 percent of physicians have criminal issues in their backgrounds. That means that, on average, a hospital with as few as 100 doctors on staff has several who’ve run into criminal legal trouble at some time in their lives. Even a practice of just 29 physicians has, on average, one doctor with a criminal record — however long ago the incident(s) may have occurred or whatever its nature.

Is it an issue? The answer is: Not until it becomes an issue. And if it does, depending on the circumstances, the consequences could be dire — for a patient, for the hospital or practice’s management team and for the institution itself.

Which is why Synernet has teamed with PreCheck, provider of background screening solutions exclusively for the healthcare industry, to provide criminal background checks as an optional addendum to its credentialing service.

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