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Credentials Verification

Credentials Verification

Customer Focus, Faster Turnaround and More Complete Files

When you outsource your credentials verification (CVO) function, you’ll likely wish you’d done so earlier. Synernet’s scale, proven systems and dedication of specialists to the task make for quicker turnaround and more complete files, including an audit report that flags potentially adverse information for easy follow-up.

Synernet’s experienced credentialing specialists oversee the day-to-day application process from the gathering of documentation to the verification of information. As a professional shared service, the Synernet CVO unburdens medical staff service professionals from the time consuming credentialing function and frees staff for other important tasks.

And with Synernet credentials verification services, you’ll always have access to periodic, web-based quality reports. Plus, Synernet is now also responding to growing marketplace demand with criminal Background Checks through PreCheck as an optional addendum to CVO files.

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