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Why Synernet

Cost-saving services — delivered with care

Synernet’s standard-setting services help your institution or practice save money and man-hours by taking care of select administrative functions with superb efficiency and consistent quality. That’s because, in each service area, Synernet employs dedicated specialists who leverage best practices in support of you and the care you provide your patients. All in a culture that emphasizes the impact of one’s daily work on patients and the overall care environment.


Whether you measure in dollars or hours, Synernet saves

For hospitals and physician practices, there are costs that are integral to core revenue-generating activities. There are also administrative expenses that are simply costs of doing business.

Synernet’s services provide both cost and operational efficiencies that save money, as well as in-house man-hours. For your organization, that means a better balance sheet, easier management of the contracted functions, and often the opportunity to re-deploy existing personnel to revenue-generating activities.